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Reader is "adopted" by friendly grouse (officially a Ruffed Grouse)

Submitted by Lois Corcoran


This female grouse first came to see about a year ago, on the day my husband Kenny and I dug up our septic tank. She came out and hung around to see what we were doing. Then Kenny made friends with her (she seems to prefer him but she's also friendly to me).  If we come out and get in the truck she will run down the side of the driveway next to us until it's too fast; then she will fly behind us to the end but she doesn't follow us down the road.
Here she is climbing the porch for the first time. I had a feeling I was being watched, and I looked out the window and there she was, stepping onto my yoga mat that was hanging on the rail. She has come up on the porch several times since then.She looks in the windows and she is not afraid of my dogs, a small white terrier mix and a big brown terrier mix. When she shows up we throw (unpopped) popcorn out for her,, which she enjoys very much.  


Submitted by Martha Maki

On Friday afternoon, March 22, my daughter and I were in our car headed down Washington Street in Claremont, near Home Depot, when we spotted a huge bird swooping down across the road. It flew to a tree near the road and perched there long enough so that I got this shot with my cell phone. A couple of other cars pulled over too. Awesome!

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