Introducing Paddleboards!

By Jan Lambert

I've always enjoyed getting out on the water, but at the end of this summer I purchased a stand-up paddleboard, or SUP, and discovered a whole new world of fun and fitness! This is a  new sport just starting to catch on in these parts. You stand up on what looks very much like a large surfboard and propel yourself with a long paddle. It takes a few tries to master the balancing part of it, but before you know it you'll get over your beginner's wobbles and have a great easy way to glide silently around our many beautiful ponds and lakes ( I haven't tried any rivers or the ocean yet, but it can be done!

      As a nature lover I love to explore, and I love the way my SUP is so versatile--I can stand, kneel, sit, or even lie down on it to get interesting shots with my camera( which must be waterproof!) I purchased an inflatable  model, which makes it very easy to handle by myself, because I don't need to lift it over my head, just deflate it and put in my car. But my husband likes his solid board better than my inflatable-it's just a matter of personal preference.

      So far I have paddled on at least 20 ponds and lakes, and I have seen and heard many loons and other birds, and enjoyed saying hello to other paddlers. Now I can't wait for Spring to come!

This is how I get up on my standup paddleboard, without even having to wade in the water. This is an advantage in New England where the water is cold most of the year! I have an inflatable model, which makes transporting and storing the board a snap, and I also like the way it makes me feel flexible and connected to the water.

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