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This is our home, the valley and watershed of the beautiful Connecticut River, largest river system in New England. There are many conservation success stories here. Many of our older residents recall when this river ran different colors each day, depending on what the factories were dumping. So much has been done, and so much is left to be done. But fortunately there are many partners working together.

Click here for an inspiring 15 minute video -it's beautiful and very positive!

The Connecticut River Partnership for Conservation, produced by Jerry Monkman

You can be part of the action too!

There are many organizations that all work together to promote a healthy Connecticut River ecosystem in our valley. It is our intent to give all of these hardworking people the attention they deserve. But one of the best places to start is the Connecticut River Watershed Council at Please check out their website for a thorough introduction to all things river!

Qua-Z Jackson, 15, Black River Action Team volunteer

Black River Action Team, Springfield, submits winning photo to national contest!


By Kelly Stettner, BRAT Director


Great news!  Last September, I snapped a ton of photos of RiverSweep volunteers doing amazing work cleaning up the Black River.  One of the photos came out great, so I submitted it to a photo contest at American Rivers, a national conservation organization.


It made the top ten, out of 200 submissions!


Our photo star is Quadale " Qua-Z" Zakee Jackson, 15, son of Shawanda Hill, both of Springfield.

The photo was taken last September (he was 14 at the time of the photo) during our 14th annual RiverSweep.  Qua-Z worked from 8am till noon, moving from one site to another, stopping only to have lunch when everything was done.


The winning shot is of Qua-Z after he rolled a pair of tires to the Plaza from Riverside Middle School, but before he joined a group headed down to Hoyt's Landing for more cleanup.


Great example of a committed volunteer!

Landowners still struggling with the devasating erosion of Hurricane Irene are urged to apply for assistance. Landowners still struggling with the devasating erosion of Hurricane Irene are urged to apply for assistance.

Farmers and Landowners Urged to Apply for Assistance with Erosion Problems


New Hampshire and Vermont farmers and other landowners  whose properties are located within the watershed of the Connecticut River, and whose land is subject to flooding and erosion, are being offered practical and financial assistance through a recently developed partnership. The Connecticut River Watershed Council(CRWC) and the Natural Resources Conservation Service(NRCS) of the US Department of Agriculture are working closely to provide property owners with assistance such as fencing to keep livestock out of waterways and wetlands, planting forested buffer zones, controlling invasive species, and improving fish passage and the health of streams.

                Different regions have different options available because of the many partners involved, from federal and state  agencies to watershed groups to businesses and local volunteer networks. "Navigating the waters" of this network of resources can be daunting, and each situation is unique and requires a customized approach.

                Now, under a new partnership funded by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, David Deen and Ron Rhodes, River Stewards for CRWC, can serve as the primary contact persons for those desiring assistance. They will visit streamside properties, talk with the landowners, and work with them to formulate an action plan including financial assistance.

                David Deen serves southern NH and VT (up to Claremont NH and Ludlow VT) and may be reached at or PO Box 206, Saxton's River, VT 05154, phone 802-869-2792.. Ron Rhodes serves the northern remainder of NH and VT and may  be contacted at or PO Box 94, South Pomfret VT 05067, phone 802-457-6114.

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