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July/august 2020

• Restoring the American Chestnut- p. 1

New England Wildflowers- p. 2
• A Silver Lining- p. 4
• Audio Journey Through the Forest- p. 4
• What's up with turtles?- p. 6
• Get out and walk!- p. 8
• Unusual Beaver Activity- p. 9
• Don't feed the bears!- p. 10

July-August 2020 Valley Green Journal
At long last - the much anticipated July-August Valley Green Journal. We are back on track with several exciting articles! Enjoy!
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In the mid to late 1800s the American chestnut was densely populated with a range from Maine to Georgia.  In native forests throughout their range, mature chestnuts are storied to have averaged up to five feet in diameter and up to one hundred feet tall. Many specimens of eight to ten feet in diameter were recorded, and there were rumors of trees bigger still. So what happened? Read about it on page 1. 

Photo courtesy of USFS Asheville.

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