december 2019 - january 2020

No Drilling in the Arctic, please!- p.1

Local Citizens Working Together to Preserve Ancient Forest- p. 1

Discreet Solar Arrays- p. 2-3

All Natural Ice Melting- p. 5
Making Homemade Ornaments- p. 7
Community Celebration- p. 8
Osprey Nesting Platform- p. 8

December 2019 - January 2020
Join the campaign to save native culture and wildlife in Alaska preserve! Read about local ancient forests. All in this latest issue!
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For the original Valley Green Journal article on ANWR click here to read the March 2015 issue.

Dave Shaw photo-courtesy of Audubon Alaska
Rebecca Sentner of Alaska Audubon wrote of her visit the ANWR. “I have never seen a place so full of life….the number of amazing birds we saw was overwhelming.” Many of the birds of the refuge migrate to and from all fifty states and six continents to feed and reproduce, taking advantage of the burst of biological growth which blossoms there in the long days of the Arctic summer. The American Golden Plover, a declining species occasionally spotted in New England, migrates many thousands of miles every year  from its nesting grounds on the Arctic tundra to the southern tip of South America.

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