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By Jan Lambert, Author of Water, Land and Climate- The Critical Connection
Water covers over two-thirds of the planet’s surface, but the vast majority is in the oceans, and just a tiny minority is liquid fresh water. Water is everywhere, on the surface, in the ground, in the air. Our bodies are mostly water, and we cannot survive more than a few days without it. But what about our attitude, and attention toward water? Probably no one wants to drink or swim in tainted water, or suffer from droughts and floods and violent rainstorms.


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Valley Water Journal- July-August 2019
This issue is about the important role that individual landowners can and must play to allow water to heal our
landscapes and climates.
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Valley Water Journal- May-June 2019
Read about Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) and other interesting topics in this latest issue. We've gotten positive response on the Valley Water Journal. Thank you to our faithful friends and readers!
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Valley Water Journal- March-April 2019
A pdf of the electronic Valley Water Journal newsletter.
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Valley Water Journal- February 2019
Here it is! the long awaited Valley Water Journal!
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