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The staff of the Valley Green Journal, Jan and Carmen, attend several events a year. We try to put something about them in the Journal but there isn't always enough room so we thought this would be a great way of showing you more. We will also list the upcoming events which we will participate in here. 

Such a wonderful year for lilies!

Herrick's Cove Wildlife Festival 2019

A great time was had by all at the Herrick's Cove Wildlife Festival in Rockingham, Vermont. If you've never attended this family friendly event then out it on your calendars for next year.

Dr. Kravčík’s March-april american speaking tour

Michal Kravčík , a distinguished hydrologist and climate expert from Slovakia and recipient of the Goldman Environmental Prize, has an urgent message for America as well as the rest of the globe: All of us, not just the “experts,” must take action by soaking up the rain in soil and plants, which releases cooling cloud-forming vapor to fall again as rain and restores critical land-based water cycles.


Here are some highlights from Dr. Kravčík’s March-April 2017 American Tour.

Dr. Michal Kravčík’s, Slovakian hydrologist comes to Orchard Hill, Alstead NH, March 11, 2017.

Dr. Michal Kravčík’s, speaks at montshire museum, norwich vt, March 13, 2017. sponsored by the sierra club.

events 2016

NH Permaculture Day

The 4th annual NH Permaculture Day 2016 took place on Aug. 20 at the Orchard Hill community in East Alstead, New Hampshire. The 400+ people in attendance got to choose from over 30 presenters covering a wide range of topics. A Farm-to-table lunch came with admission and was absolutely wonderful. There were vendors, music, festivities, a community mural to paint, activities for the children. More photos on page 2 of the Sept. Valley Green Journal. Keep an eye out for next year's event. For more information check out Also learn more on Facebook at:

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