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We would like to welcome you to the Journal's newest feature - The Children's Corner! We are accepting submissions for the Children’s Corner. Maybe your child, grandchild or someone you know has a child that has created puzzles that other children would enjoy. If you know a child who has done a wildlife/nature activity and have some photos that you’d like to share feel free to submit them. We do ask that if you submit photos please make sure that you have the parent’s permission to print photos of their children. We do ask that you keep activities, photos and puzzle items centered around our Mission statement. If you or your child would like to contribute a puzzle or an idea please contact


Feel free to download and print these pages out. Enjoy!

june - july 2018 children's corner

April - May 2018 Children's Corner

February - March 2018 Children's Corner

December 2017 - January 2018 Children's Corner

2017 children's Corner Compilation
A compilation of all of the puzzles, photos and events that were covered in the Children's Corner of the Valley Green Journal in 2017.
2017 Children's Corner compilation.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [4.1 MB]


2016 Children's Corner
All of the 2016 Children's Corner pages from March - December are in this one file. feel free to download and pass it on.
2016 Children's Corner compilation.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [6.8 MB]
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